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  • Welcome to the official website of Jiangsu WNC Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.!

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    Our company now has a total of 117 employees and all have signed labor contracts.?Our company purchased commercial insurance for retired and re-employed employees, and paid social insurance for the rest.


    1. From the perspective of academic structure, there are 1 person with a master's degree, 7 with a bachelor degree, 21 with a junior college degree, 66 with a high school degree, and 22 with other education degrees.


    2. From the composition of posts, there are 24 management personnel, 3 business personnel, 16 technical personnel, and 93 operating workers.


    3. From the perspective of professional and technical composition, there are 1 senior professional title, 2 intermediate professional titles, and 4 junior professional titles.


    4. From the age structure, 41 people are over 46 years old, 55 are 36-45 years old, 17 are 26-35 years old, and 4 are under 25 years old.


    5. In terms of tenure, there are nearly 40 people in 3-5 years and more than 20 people in 5-10 years.


    The technology center increased from 2 to 16 in 2010, and the R & D and technical support capabilities have been further strengthened.?The company attaches great importance to personnel training. In order to achieve the unity of personnel thinking and improve the management level and communication ability of middle and high-level personnel, the current batch of 2 MBAs is expected to have 5 MBA staff. The company aims to train 20 MBA managers.


    The company has long-term and deep cooperation foundation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and universities.?Cultivated and attracted a group of excellent scientific research and production talents, accumulated rich technical and material foundations for enterprises, and played a positive role in promoting Sino-German technological cooperation and development; at the same time, it also created a lot of real value for society Wealth.